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Women's Underwear


Stay connected to your loved one's health and performance with Skiin. Garments that are "powered by Skiin" sync with the Skiin Connected Life App, providing you with a glimpse into your loved one's physical status wherever you are or whenever you want to know that they are okay. The built-in chat features in the app lets you have meaningful face-to-face video conversations with your loved ones along with their live biometric data, allowing you to better understand what Mom or Dad mean when they say that they "feel fine" or that "something doesn't feel right".

Starting with heart rate, posture, steps and location, Skiin provides you with the information you need for your peace of mind. Planned updates of the Skiin Connected Life App in the near future will unlock new ways of understanding your loved one's health & well-being such as slip & fall detection (with subscription), body temperature, stress monitoring, sleep, continual ECG* with real-time atrial fibrillation detection* (* currently under pre-submission process with the FDA and Health Canada, not currently for sale under any jurisdiction) with subscription, historical view of data and much more.

Sensors: 1 lead, 3 channel continual ECG (currently under pre-submission process with the FDA and Health Canada, not currently for sale under any jurisdiction), (with subscription) textile electrodes (for heart rate and related metrics), accelerometer

Soft Fabric

Washer and Dryer Friendly

Skiin Pod Provides All-Day Charge


High performance intimates with unbeatable comfort created by an ergonomic design which incorporates strategically placed zones to enhance breathability, wicking, and support where it is needed most.

Subtle tone on tone design details help to create a luxurious looking undergarment, while fine yarns work to provide a lasting soft hand feel. 

Skiin Connected Life App

App Features: A communication tool to improve social connectedness enhanced by health and wellness data including Heart Rate, Activity, and Posture. Features such as Sleep, Stress, and Fitness, to be added soon.

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Women's Underwear