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Why wear Thermalink clothing?

If you are looking for pain relief**, heat therapy**, or just want to stay warm - Thermalink keeps you comfortable and connected to all of life's moments.

Trouble regulating your body temperature**? Thermalink can help.

Theremalink gives you adaptive and user control of your temperature, so you can enjoy the moments that matter most.

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Want to reduce pain through heat therapy? Thermalink can help.

With gloves that heat all the way to the fingertips, and socks that heat around the toes.

Thermalink provides comfort and relief** to extremities.

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The Skiin Connected Life App puts a personal thermostat in your hands.

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The Clothing

1. Almost Invisible Heating Elements - All heating elements are knit directly into the fabric structure, making them virtually impossible to feel. 

2. Stay Comfortably Warm - Outer wool layer traps the heat, and an inner nylon layer wicks the sweat away. 

3. Machine Washable - Just take the battery pack out and wash with the rest of your laundry.

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