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SKIINCore has officially launched on Kickstarter and we are PSYCHED to share our intelligent, auto-adjusting base layer with the world!

With its sweat-wicking, insulating design, revolutionary wireless knitted tech, and a smart heating system that learns your preferences and corrects its temperature accordingly, SKIINCore is built to battle the cold.

“Sounds cool, but I don’t ski,” you might be thinking. “I prefer to hole up inside all winter and only leave the house when I absolutely have to, like if there’s a fire or Uber Eats stops working.”

First off: hello, same. Second, you don’t have to be a skier or snowshoe-er or rugged arctic adventurer to find a heated base layer useful! It’s a super versatile piece of wearable tech that can come in handy for all kinds of scenarios, such as:

❄️ Winter blackouts

No power? No problem! SKIINCore will keep you nice and warm while you wait for the heat to come back on.

❄️ Farmwork

Farm chores don’t end when the temperature drops below zero. Add a heated base layer under your coveralls and coat to stay warm and dry when you head out to the barn.

❄️ Winter riding

Just because you’ve swapped open fields for an indoor arena doesn’t mean you don’t notice the cold! Equestrians will love the extra warmth and the lightweight fabric on their next ride.

❄️ Construction work

Construction work in the winter months is a nightmare mixture of cold and sweaty at the same time. SKIINCore tackles both those problems head-on.

❄️ Camping

You can’t sit next to the campfire forever! A heated base layer is basically a toasty, form-fitting sleeping bag you can wear standing up.

❄️ Hiking and climbing

High altitudes and little protection from the weather mean hikers and climbers need to be serious about staying warm.

❄️ First response work

The work of first responders (like police officers and EMTs) is cold and grim in the winter. A heated base layer will help keep these community heroes warm while they’re on the job.

❄️ Stargazing

Because nothing is better than the crisp, star-studded expanse of a winter night sky (as long as you’re not freezing your tail off).

❄️ Jogging

Joggers rejoice! No more choosing between shivering uncontrollably or sweating buckets—SKIINCore keeps you warm and dry on your runs.

❄️ Winter commuting

Winter commuting is terrible and everyone knows it! A heated base layer makes it suck a bit less. (So do these other things.)

❄️ Shoveling snow

Shoveling snow while wearing a SKIINCore base layer reduces numb fingers and swearing under your breath by up to 75%!*

*We think.

❄️ Watching your kid’s hockey game or figure skating lesson

You love your child but it’s so damn cold up in those awful wooden bleachers. A heated base layer will make sure love wins out every time.

❄️ Teachers supervising students at recess

Teachers put up with so much already—they shouldn’t have to put up with chattering teeth during recess duty too.

❄️ Hanging Christmas lights

It’s cold, miserable work, but they look so pretty once they’re up!

❄️ Motorcycling

Bikers gonna bike (at least until the snow piles up)! SKIINCore will keep your body temp where it should be and layer nicely under a leather jacket.

🚀 Don’t forget to check out our campaign, and let us know if you come up with any other creative uses for your SKIINCore base layer! 🚀