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Enhance your physical and mental performance with SKIIN® smart underwear. 

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Achieve Your Optimal Performance

The most accurate activity tracking uses data from the waist – not the wrist. Beyond just steps and calories, SKIIN can detect 6 unique activity classifications – with more to come. It’s the only wearable that comfortably and accurately integrates advanced all-day activity tracking into your daily routine.

metrics for peak performance

Metrics for Peak Performance

SKIIN’s Medical-grade ECG allows us to extract key metrics – such as HRV, resting HR, peak HR, and HR recovery time – which can be used to optimize your workouts.

holistic view of activities

Holistic View of Activity

Get a holistic view of your daily activity. Beyond just steps and calories, SKIIN measures your posture, position, sedentary time, state-of-mind and much more!

mental performance

Mental Performance

SKIIN can give you insights into your state-of-mind so that you can reach your peak perfomance level.

Enhance yourself mentally and physically by

Automated, Continuous & Seamless Monitoring

Daily Activity

Daily Activity

Monitor your activities in real-time or restrospectively. Track steps, calories, posture and a number of activity classifications.

ECG and Heart Rate

Heart Rate

Improve your workouts through analysis of your maximum heart rate, resting heart rate & recovery heart rate.

Recovery + Sleep Quality

Recovery + Sleep Quality

Get insights on exercise readiness based on heart rate variability, sleep quality and advanced data analytics

Respiratory rate

Respiratory Rate

Improve performance and health by understanding your breathing patterns and performing guided breathing exercises.

burn calories

Count Calories

Accurately track calories burned throughout the day using a combination of sensors and advanced data analytics. 

Body Fat %

Check water drinking habits to prevent dehydration and maintain vitality.

All-in-one smart underwear 

Designed for Comfort and Ease of Use

Comfortable, Stylish & Durable. Made in Canada

Robotic knitting combined with premium organic fibres give you the most comfortable underwear yet.

Easy to Wear & Charge

Simply place the removable pod near the charging hub and it charges automatically.

Accurate Real-Time Monitoring

Using data from six different sensors, SKIIN® provides personalized health insights.

Machine Washable

Remove the module from the waistband, wash and dry.

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