SKIIN Underwear

Manage your heart health with medical grade* ECG all day and night.

1 in 4 adults over the age of 40 is at risk of developing Atrial Fibrillation.

Early detection and lifestyle management can prevent Atrial Fibrillation from leading to stroke or heart failure. SKIIN monitors ECG 24/7 to detect AFib automatically. Gain peace of mind with customized lifestyle guidance and learn how your heart is improving over time.

Monitor AFib with SKIIN Smart Underwear


Sensors are embedded to collect your ECG without the use of wires, patches or gels.


Even if you don’t feel symptoms – AFib events will be automatically recorded, day and night.


Just like regular underwear, SKIIN is washer safe.


Soft, supportive and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you feeling fresh all day.

For you

Gain insight into your activity and stress levels, heart rate variability, and other key health metrics. Understand your triggers and what level of exercise and activity your body can handle without exerting yourself beyond what may be appropriate for your heart and health.

For your healthcare providers

Clinicians can track rhythm over time, adjusting medications as needed while helping patients self-manage AFib. Track AFib recurrence pre and post surgery, and review contextual life information for improved patient care and treatment.

For your support network

Choose to share selected data or notify loved ones and caregivers when an issue is detected. Know that the people you care about are safe and receiving the treatment they need.

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The Science of SKIIN

Our team of data scientists uses intelligent machine learning algorithms for continuous and accurate monitoring, with adaptive guidance based on the advice of cardiologists and other health specialists.

*Pending FDA clearance, CE Mark, and Health Canada approval. NOT YET FOR SALE IN THE US, EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AREA, AND CANADA.