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The Sleep Cycles: Why Your Brain Needs Rest in Order to Reset

As a human being, you are an intricate ensemble of entwined systems that rely on sleep cycles in order to function properly. Like components within complex machinery, your body and brain require significant downtime for “maintenance” that enables their optimal...

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The Ambient Interface

This article was originally published on by Tony Chahine.  Background: Tony spent the last 12 years re-inventing traditional markets. In 1992 Tony introduced North America to quick-charging, high capacity battery technology that re-invented the market...

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Heart Rate To Burn Fat Calories

If exercise is part of your strategy for losing weight, keeping accurate tabs on your heart rate is essential to achieving success. The fitness world is abundant with philosophies and theories on the many benefits of exercise. Some of the most popular of these...

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How Deep Breathing Benefits Your Health

Everyone breathes. It’s something we often take for granted. It turns out, however, that most of us don’t do it correctly. Chest or thoracic breathing is found in over 50 percent of adults, and it contributes to a number of problems, like rapid heartbeats and low...

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What do Bad Sleeping Habits mean for your day?

Whether you’re working on your latest project or preparing for a big meeting, there are plenty of times that you might skip a few hours of sleep. Bad sleeping habits won’t just have you reaching for an extra cup of coffee the next day, it could have real consequences...

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How to Lower Your Resting Heart Rate

Learning how to lower your resting heart rate (RHR) is a thorough, comprehensive approach to improving your overall health and well being. A lower RHR indicates that your heart is not being overworked in its effort to deliver oxygenated blood and nutrients to every...

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5 Ways Biometrics From One Device Can Change Your Life

At the 2010 TED Talk where the term "Quantified Self" was coined, speaker Gary Wolf advocated for a new approach to big-data analytics. In short, people should use data not just for business and government, but for self-reflection and learning. He pointed to an...

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