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What do Bad Sleeping Habits mean for your day?

Whether you’re working on your latest project or preparing for a big meeting, there are plenty of times that you might skip a few hours of sleep. Bad sleeping habits won’t just have you reaching for an extra cup of coffee the next day, it could have real consequences...

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How to Lower Your Resting Heart Rate

Learning how to lower your resting heart rate (RHR) is a thorough, comprehensive approach to improving your overall health and well being. A lower RHR indicates that your heart is not being overworked in its effort to deliver oxygenated blood and nutrients to every...

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5 Ways Biometrics From One Device Can Change Your Life

At the 2010 TED Talk where the term "Quantified Self" was coined, speaker Gary Wolf advocated for a new approach to big-data analytics. In short, people should use data not just for business and government, but for self-reflection and learning. He pointed to an...

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