Hey, here’s a weird question for you: how smart is your underwear?  If you’re anything like me, the idea of wearing technology near your parts may make you uncomfortable, to say the least, yet that’s exactly what one Canadian startup invites us to do.

Last week, at a by-invite launch held at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, apparel manufacturer Myant introduced SKIIN, a platform for connected clothing. Their first consumer product? Smart underwear.

Positioning itself as “the world’s first smart underwear,” SKIIN leverages ECG sensors, robotic knitting, and machine learning to offer boxers that track everything from your heart and breathing rate to hydration levels and body fat.

While we’ve seen cheeky products in past (think Billie Whitehouse’s “Fundawear,” a set of vibrating underpants for couples in long-distance relationships made in collaboration with Durex), Skiin is taking itself seriously with a product that’s not for play but for everyday wear. Because after all, what’s more everyday than underwear?

Originally it was posted on electricrunway.com.