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Skiin Thermalink is a collection of heated garments. The accompanying Skiin Connected Life App connects to all of our heat enabled garments and allows for user controlled temperature selection for ultimate comfort.

Our interconnected system allows you to wear multiple pieces using one power source through our patented snap in connection.

Product Specifications

  • Top of gloves' heating elements keep hands and fingers warm.
  • Double knit mesh fabric structures add insulation while for air. 
  • Index finger and thumb are touch screen friendly
  • Flat seams for added comfort  

Connects to:

  • Baselayer Top and Hoodie

Connected Version

  • The connectable glove is part of a modular system and is powered by connector system.

Standalone Version

  • Made to be worn with its own module and battery, which snaps onto the glove and secures below the wrist with an adjustable band. 

Material Composition

  • Fine wool external layer adds additional insulation and provides superior moisture management, as well as odour eliminating properties
  • The inner layer is constructed using specialty nylon yarns derived from recycled coffee beans that allow for up to 10°C of added natural body heat retention.
  • Lycra is used throughout the fabric structure to provide added comfort and garment recovery during wear.

Battery Pack:

Our garments are all connected to an external battery pack through USB C and can be interchanged for larger capacity battery packs or multiple battery packs depending on the desired time of use.   


Men's: S/M, M/L

Women's: S/M. M/L



Health & Wellness Data Skiin Can Capture

Skiin Baseline is the first layer of the Skiin Connected Care system. Using Textile Computing, Baseline accurately captures your body’s unique health and wellness data. It can capture the following health and wellness data, with more coming soon through software updates:

Posture, steps, & location
Heart Rate & HRV
Core Body Temperature
Respiration Rate

Getting Started

Finding your health and wellness insights with Skiin Baseline is as easy as changing your clothes.

Select your Skiin Baseline Collection Layer
Download and connect the Skiin Connected Life App
Build a personalized dataset and visualize your Aura
Connect and communicate with your care circle

Connect with Loved Ones

Pair garments from our Innerwear Collection with the Skiin App to view continuous health and wellness data, like core body temperature, heart rate, activity levels, and location.

Learn more

Have A Question?

Want to learn more about how Skiin can help you or your loved ones track their health and wellbeing while all while connecting to care? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions below.



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