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Zoom Men's Tank
Zoom Men's Tank
Zoom Men's Tank

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Stay connected to your loved one's health and performance with Skiin. Garments that are "powered by Skiin" sync with the Skiin Connected Life App, providing you with a glimpse into your loved one's physical status wherever you are or whenever you want to know that they are okay. The built-in chat features in the app lets you have meaningful face-to-face video conversations with your loved ones along with their live biometric data, allowing you to better understand what Mom or Dad mean when they say that they "feel fine" or that "something doesn't feel right".

Biometrics That Skiin Underwear Can Capture:

  • Heart rate
  • Posture
  • Core Body temperature*
  • Steps and location
Future Features:
  • Slip & fall detection and monitoring
  • Continuous ECG** monitoring with real-time atrial fibrillation detection**
  • Historical view of data 
Future Biometrics:
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • HRV
  • Respiration Rate

Future features and biometrics are activated through software updates.

Sensors: 3 lead, 3 channel continual ECG (currently under pre-submission process with the FDA and Health Canada, not currently for sale under any jurisdiction) (with subscription), textile electrodes (for heart rate and related metrics), accelerometer

 *Non-medical grade

Men's Tank


Health & Wellness Data Skiin Can Capture

Skiin Baseline is the first layer of the Skiin Connected Care system. Using Textile Computing, Baseline accurately captures your body’s unique health and wellness data. It can capture the following health and wellness data, with more coming soon through software updates:

Posture, steps, & location
Heart Rate & HRV
Core Body Temperature
Respiration Rate

Getting Started

Finding your health and wellness insights with Skiin Baseline is as easy as changing your clothes.

Select your Skiin Baseline Collection Layer
Download and connect the Skiin Connected Life App
Build a personalized dataset and visualize your Aura
Connect and communicate with your care circle

Connect with Loved Ones

Pair garments from our Innerwear Collection with the Skiin App to view continuous health and wellness data, like core body temperature, heart rate, activity levels, and location.

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Have A Question?

Want to learn more about how Skiin can help you or your loved ones track their health and wellbeing while all while connecting to care? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions below.



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