Manage your stress.

Experience a true sense of self awareness with SKIIN® smart underwear.

Launching in 2018.

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Upgrade Your Energy & Focus

Using a combination of sensors, SKIIN can identify whether you are stressed, focused or calm. You can use this information to optimize your day, increase productivity and improve your mental health.


Become Emotionally Self-Aware

Understand your state-of-mind on a gradient from calm to stressed. Sync SKIIN with your calendar to help avoid activities that stress you out, and practice activities that calm you down

body language

Improve Your Body Language

Become the person you want to be by analyzing and improving your body language. 


Build Healthy Habits

When it senses stress, SKIIN will reach out to you, ask you to perform a breathing exercise and then measure if you’re doing it correctly. 

Enhance your productivity and mental health by

Automated, Continuous & Seamless Monitoring

mental state

Stress Management

Auto-log and link stress events to time/ location and get personalized recommendations on how to reduce stress.



Identify whether you are stressed, focused or calm to use this information to optimize your day, increase productivity.

get active with SKIIN

Daily Activity

Count your daily steps, traveled distance, and calorie expenditure and access the data in real-time or retrospectively.


Heart Rate

A lower heart rate at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness. 

Respiratory rate

Breathing Rate

Control and improve your state-of-mind through mindful breathing exercises.

Sleep Quality

Your sleep quality can have a major impact on your state-of-mind. With SKIIN, you can monitor and improve your sleep efficiency.

All-in-one smart underwear 

Designed for Comfort and Ease of Use

Easy to Wear & Charge

Simply place the removable module near the charging hub and it charges automatically & wirelessly.

Comfortable, Stylish & Durable. Made in Canada.

Robotic knitting combined with premium organic fibres give you the most comfortable underwear yet. 

Accurate Real-Time Monitoring

Access biometric data in real-time or retrospectively. Using data from six different sensors, SKIIN® provides personalized health insights.

Machine Washable

Remove the module from the waistband, wash and dry.

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