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The Skiin Connected Life App

The health & well-being of everyone you care about, all in one place. From anywhere.

Continuous Heart Rate

Normal heart rate varies from person to person. Knowing yours can be an important heart-health gauge.

Caregivers will see an in-app icon alert when anyone in their care circle varies from their baseline resting heart rate.

Posture Tracking

Automatically track your activity, duration time and steps. Slip and fall notification available as well as part of an optional monthly subscription.

Share this information with your loved ones and learn how your activity contributes to your overall health and well being.

Location tracking

Location tracking allows you to have a history of the locations you and your loved one visited.

Worried that your father wandered too far from home? Get notified of his location.

Additional features that will be added soon.

The Skiin app will have the features below added soon. These features will automatically be added to your app via updates or optional subscription service.

All upcoming feature updates will work with our clothing regardless of when you purchased it.

Upcoming Features

Heart - ECG** recording and sending (with subscription). Wellness features stress level, and blood pressure monitoring (manual)

Sleep Tracking - Sleep duration,  phases, and sleep score

Activity - Calorie expenditure, and MET minutes

Wellness Diary - Symptoms tracking, medication tracking, mood tracking, and menstrual cycle tracking

ECG Analysis** (with subscription)- AFib detection, and ECG baseline & trend

Other Wellness Vitals - Pulse oximetry, and temperature