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Early Access Program

The Skiin garments are now in open beta, and Myant is accepting applicants for our Skiin Early Access Program! Learn the details and how to qualify below.   



What is the Early Access Program (EAP)?


The Early Access Program gives participants, and a family member or close friend (program partner), the opportunity to try Skiin at no cost (a $500 value). In exchange, we require participants and their program partner complete one weekly survey over the course of four weeks, and a final feedback interview with a member of our Skiin team.

What do I need to do?

  1. Engage in the qualification process (more details below). 

  2. Wear the garment, in a near continuous fashion, over the course of four weeks and fill out a weekly survey providing feedback on things like comfort of the garment, washing the garment, charging the hardware, etc. 

  3. Participants will join the program alongside a family member or close friend, who can provide feedback on their experience interfacing with the app. Note: the program partner will not wear the garment, and thus will only provide feedback on their experience using the Skiin Connected Life App.   

  4. Both participant and program partner must own a working cellphone with a data plan or continuous Wi-Fi connection, all other components are provided by Myant in the program kit.  

We will use this feedback to perfect the Skiin garments and Skiin Connected Life App experience for our full product release, so that even more families can stay connected to their loved ones with comfort and ease of use.

Who Qualifies?

We are looking for participants who are over the age of 45, to wear the garments and connect with a friend or family member through the Skiin Connected Life App. 

Program partners are typically a child, grandchild, or spouse - think of this individual as someone who is currently part of your care circle! 

How Can I Participate?

Fill out the Early Access Program Survey where you will be asked basic qualifying questions, and your contact information. You will then be contacted by our staff to complete the questionnaire process, and will advise if you are eligible.

If you are approved, a Skiin kit (including four pairs of underwear, hardware, and a charger) will be sent to you at no cost. This kit contains everything you need to get started, plus you can enjoy any future updates and upcoming features as we perfect our product after the program is completed.

We are only accepting a limited number of participants, so don’t wait and apply today!