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Health Coaching

By partnering with Myant, cardiologists and their clinics can offer comprehensive health coaching programs for current and prospective cardiac patients. 

When your patients wear Skiin biosensing garments, they can track their health and wellness, find their baseline health, learn what impacts their health, and connect with their practitioner and wellness coaches. Coaches will be better equipped to provide customized programs designed around a patient’s unique health needs.

Why Work with Myant

Traditional coaching programs struggle to deliver personalized programs for participants, finding themselves relying on best practices and qualitative inquiry. With studies showing that the best health outcomes are a result of care that meets a patient’s unique needs, personalized programs and interventions are crucial for delivering preventative care.

Higher patience program adherence

Better patient health outcomes

Increased clinic-patient touchpoints

Increased patient engagement

Coaching Programs & Protocols Possible with Skiin

  • Onboarding Support
  • Health & Outcome Assessments
  • Behaviour Interventions
  • Self Management
  • Exercise Training
  • Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Performance Measurement

How it Works

Patients Wear Skiin

By wearing Skiin, your patients will continuously capture their body’s unique biology and physiology—from ECG and HRV to body temperature and breathing rate. They can view their current health within the app while also viewing historical trends.

Practitioners Prescribe Care

With a wealth of health and wellness data, practitioners can prescribe interventions that best suit the needs of their patients. 

Coaches Deliver Programs

Coaches will interpret the cardiologist’s prescription, delivering customized programs to their patients, leveraging their knowledge of a patient’s health and wellness history to deliver more comprehensive, effective programs patients are more likely to follow.

Email us at [email protected] to learn how these remote monitoring solutions can enable holistic, preventative care at your cardiology clinic and improve patient health outcomes.


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