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Our Mission


We believe everyone should be able to take control of their wellbeing and have reliable access to healthcare.

We aim to provide you continuous access to your own health data, and give you the option to share it with your doctor or your loved ones for preventative, holistic care. Skiin is the interface that enables continuous connection through the textiles that are around you everyday.

How Skiin Connects You to the Best Possible Care

Skiin helps you access the best possible care through continuous connection. We innovate everyday products through Textile Computing: sensors embedded discreetly into textiles that measure your health and wellness. With Skiin, your clothes, car seats, beds, carpets, and more can help you understand your health, connect you to care, and improve your quality of life through continuous connection. 

By connecting you to yourself, your support network, and your cardiologist, you receive critical health insights, awareness, remote care, and peace-of-mind.

Skiin Continuously Connects You To:


Capture your unique health and wellness data 24/7 and understand your trends.

Your Support Network

Communicate and share your data with loved ones so know how you’re doing, and how to support you.

Your Doctor

Share your data with your doctor so they can monitor and support you remotely.

Our Beginnings

Skiin began when Tony Chahine, Myant’s Founder & CEO, sought a better way to care for his elderly father with dementia. Tony struggled to understand how his father was doing and how he felt day-to-day. 

This challenge drove Tony to create a new, unintrusive, and accessible interface—one capable of connecting us to loved ones with declining physical or cognitive faculties, and often separated by distance. 

Skiin was founded out of the desire to create an inclusive way that connects all people to care.

A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare

Our existing healthcare system is episodic (consists of one-off appointments), reactive (less focused on preventing illness), and centralized (restricted by geography). This reality negatively affects society’s most vulnerable: the young, the old, the sick, the differently abled, and those who are physically far from care.

These should not be barriers to healthcare: we all deserve the best possible care, no matter who we are, no matter where we are.  

The Future of Healthcare

To provide people with proactive health data, we’re starting with the empowerment of heart disease patients. By providing continuous, reliable, and remote access to heart data, Skiin can help with the paradigm shift that healthcare requires.

Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada. Cardiac patients deserve support and empowerment during this challenging time—and beyond. With Skiin products and powered by Myant’s infrastructure of medical devices, software, and health services, we envision a future where cardiac patients experience:

  • Reduced risk of missed cardiac events
  • Reduced anxiety about their health and wellness.
  • Increased speed of cardiac treatment.
  • Increased availability of remote cardiology screenings 
  • Decreased care-related risk.
  • Diminished wait times for appointments. 
  • Decreased recovery times.
  • Improvements in adherence to personalized health programs. 

Through the introduction of the Skiin biosensing garments, the Skiin Connected Life App, the Myant Health Framework, and the Myant Clinical Portal, we are positioned to provide a holistic platform that connects millions to the care they deserve—no matter who they are and where they live.


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