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What is Skiin?

Skiin biosensing garments connect you to your health, your loved ones, and your practitioner.

Today’s healthcare system usually focuses on treatment instead of prevention, requires you to see your doctor in-person, and is not personalized to meet your unique needs. 

As a heart disease patient during the pandemic, access and reliability to care has only worsened. Frustration manifests as stress and anxiety, leading to worsening health outcomes.

To solve these healthcare challenges and support cardiac patients, the Myant team pioneered Textile Computing: sensors that are knitted directly into our Skiin biosensing garments that continuously capture your health and wellness data. 

How Skiin Works

Your health data is captured by your Skiin garment, then syncs with the Skiin Connected Life App to create your health and wellness Baseline: a visualization of your heart health and overall wellness. This personal knowledge will empower you with a holistic understanding of your health and wellbeing.

Next, you share your health data with your cardiologist, allowing them to analyze your heart health, conduct screenings, and understand your wellness trends—from the safety of your home, and without wires, gel, or blocky wearable devices.

By connecting with your doctor, family, and friends through the Skiin Connected Life App, you can receive support on your health and wellness journey.

Health & Wellness Data Collected by Skiin

Breathing Rate

Posture, Steps, & Location

Heart Rate

Core Body



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