Men's Tank

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High-performance compression undergarments* with seamlessly integrated wearable technology. Strategically placed design details help to conceal the technology, as well as create “comfort areas” with breathable and wicking zones. Fine yarns work to provide a lasting soft hand feel. 

Your Dashboard

Understand what is happening with your body with a quick glance at your Dashboard.  

View a summary of your heart rate, sleep, stress, and other metrics along with insights about what it all means and what you should do about it.

Your Care Circle, Your Peace of Mind

Skiin was created as a way to help you stay connected to what matters most: your health and those who care for you.  The Care Circle allows you to share whatever data  you choose with loved ones or caregivers, letting them know you are okay and providing peace of mind.  

You can ask the Skiin App to automatically share data like who you are with, your activity, mood, heart health, and location to give your Care Circle a richer understanding of what is happening with  you in real-time.