Wake Up Feeling Refreshed  – Every Morning

Optimize your sleep quality with SKIIN® smart underwear.

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Understand Your Sleep Patterns

SKIIN brings the technology of a sleep lab to your everyday life. Throughout light, deep and REM stages of sleep, your body’s signals are changing. SKIIN can give you actionable feedback to optimize your sleep, and help you to wake up feeling refreshed.

optimize your sleep

Optimize Your Sleep Cycles

The first step to improving your sleep is understanding it. Using SKIIN, you can comfortably and accurately track time spent in light, deep and REM sleep, and restless time


Discover Your Sleep Position

Track time spent in various sleeping positions. Whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper, its important to understand this so you can optimize your sleep

circadian based notifications

Circadian-based Notifications

Feel refreshed in the morning by waking up at the most efficient time. Data shows that waking up during light sleep results in you feeling fresh. SKIIN’s built in vibration alarm helps you accomplish this

Maximize your restful sleeping hours to

Wake up Feeling Fresh Every Morning


Heart Rate & Stress Level

A lower heart rate at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness. 



Record your snoring patterns and take action to help prevent it in the future.

hydration level

Hydration Level

Measuring hydration of the skin allows you to ensure the optimal hydration level prior to falling asleep. 


Exercise Early & Regularly

Wake up with an understanding of whether you’re ready for intense exercise or if you should take it easy.


Sleeping Position

Monitor your sleeping position to help you have a good night’s sleep, and help you reduce minor aches and pains.

internet of things

Internet of Things

Control your IoT devices (ie. Nest, Hue, TV) while you sleep so can have your environment adjust to you automatically.

All-in-one smart clothing 

Designed for Comfort and Ease of Use

Comfortable, Stylish & Durable. Made in Canada.

Robotic knitting combined with premium organic fibres give you the most comfortable underwear yet.

Easy to Wear & Charge

Simply place the removable module near the charging hub and it charges automatically.

Accurate Real-Time Monitoring

Using data from six different sensors, SKIIN® provides personalized health insights.

Machine Washable

Remove the module from the waistband, wash and dry.

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