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Smart Homes: Integrating Your Biometric Data into Your Living Environment

December 7, 2017 | Ambient Interface

“It’s going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.” – Colin Angle

As artificial intelligence (AI) evolves, smart homes are poised to deliver the ultimate user experience. Devices designed to meet personal needs and anticipate specific tastes can now do so by processing human biometric information and reacting to it in real time.

Imagine arriving home one evening, and before you can begin digging for your keys the front door unlocks for you and the alarm is disabled. On a cold day, the furnace ignites and the ambient fireplace image loads up. On a hot day, your elevated body temperature prompts the air conditioning and ceiling fans to engage. If you’re stressed out, soothing music emanates from your speakers and the lights dim to a comfortable hue.

If you’re an active person who has been sitting all day instead of moving around, your exercise app chimes in and suggests a compelling cardio workout. Once you’re in bed, ideal sleeping conditions are maintained throughout the night so that you can face the day clear-headed and refreshed.

Your ambient interface informs the smart devices throughout your home of your physical presence, body temperature, mood, recent activity levels and probable preferences for the immediate future. This happens because of biosensitive clothing – smart garments designed to read and broadcast your biometric data. This allows the IoT devices in your smart home to accommodate your needs automatically. Removing your concerns from performing menial programming allows you to apply your attention to more fulfilling matters such as focusing on long-term projects, relaxing for more than just a couple of minutes and spending quality time with your family and friends.


Enter with Ease

Connecting with the devices in your home means additional convenience and reassurance in terms of security. Deadbolt hardware such as Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock, August Smart Lock and Samsung Digital Door Lock connect to apps on your device which interfaces with the unique biosignature broadcasting from your wearable tech. This allows you greater expediency than voice-command, and you don’t ever have to make a sound or fumble for keys to unlock your front door.

Similarly, connected home alarm systems such as ADT Pulse, Vivint Smart Home and LiveWatch Plug & Protect can know when you have arrived, so that your seamless transition from outside to inside is complemented by a security system that disarms itself once you are in the household perimeter.


Acclimate to Perfection

Once inside, smart thermostats such as Nest Learning Thermostat or Ecobee3 can detect your presence and activate the furnace, especially if you have a reduced body temperature. This means that your home will quickly begin warming up to eliminate your chills from a harsh winter’s day.

Conversely, should you come home drenched from a sweltering jaunt through the July heat, sensors in your smart garments can activate your Haiku Ceiling Fans and the smart air conditioning unit controlled by your thermostat.


Take the Edge Off

Home is a reprieve from the pressures of everyday life, yet sometimes stress and tension from work drama, traffic jams and car troubles can come walking in the front door with you. This translates to sensors within the fibers of your biosensitive clothing and alerts your smart home to the fact that you’re stressed out.

Your Sonos or Amazon Echo speaker systems respond accordingly, and broadcast your favorite Spotify mellow music playlist. Meanwhile, smart fixtures throughout your home such as the Belkin WeMo Dimmer get the hint as well, dimming the lights down to a soothing hue that will help you relax.


Set the Mood

As the stress-reducing initiative progresses, other devices across your smart home network can be programmed to engage accordingly. On a bright day, your smart Pella Insynctive shades can dim the harsh glare – or on a moonlit night they can open wide to let in the cool lunar beams.

Sensing your proximity, your Samsung KS8000 SUHD TV can cue up your favorite video game, or your LG E6 OLED 55-inch Ultra HD TV can awaken to display the calming ambient image of a cozy fireplace. If your unwinding process means rooting for your favorite team, your arrival home – signalled through sensors in your smart garments — can power up your TiVO Roamio Pro or your Dish Hopper 3 and it’s game on.


Stay in Shape

If physical fitness is one of your concerns, then you’re probably familiar with the saying “a body in motion stays in motion.” On a day when you’ve been sitting too much; at a desk, in a conference room, in traffic — your biosensitive clothing can relay your daily steps to your Velo, MyFitnessPal or PEAR Personal Coach fitness app.

From here, you can choose a workout that will sufficiently offset the sedentary pattern of your day. Sometimes the biggest part of getting motivated to work out is the simple fact that someone or something is keeping you accountable. Here, the very fabric next to your skin is looking out for you by keeping your long-term fitness goals at the forefront of your priorities.


Awaken Refreshed

Poor sleep is a catalyst for an array of health problems including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and depression. Often times, a decent night’s rest is simply a matter of maintaining adequate room temperature. As you probably know, attempting to sleep in an environment that is either too hot or too cold can render deficient results.

Thankfully, comfortable biosensitive clothing can keep conditions ideal by relaying your body temperature to your smart thermostat throughout the night.


Streamline Your Smart Home

Connecting apps and devices that respond to your biosensitive clothing can be done easily and seamlessly with a software aggregation program. Similar to a traffic signal network for the Internet of Things (IoT), programs like IFTTT and Zapier orchestrate the electronic response to your presence. This allows you to decompress from the day and reorient your focus towards optimizing the quality of your personal time.

The role of AI in everyday life is continually being tailored to eliminate stress, to fulfill needs and to enhance the meaning of quality time. The advent of biosensitive clothing is yet another step in the evolution of innovation, allowing your personal biometrics to be integrated into your smart home for an optimal living experience.