The Most Advanced Wearable Technology

We strive to innovate on every level – from the fibres touching your body, to the way we power our garments, to the artificial intelligence we use to interpret your bio-data.

Your Biometric Dashboard

Heart Rate

ECG These sensors, one at each hip, monitor the unique electrical impulses produced by our cardiovascular system. These impulses contain a significant amount of critical information about our health, physical state, and even mental state…


Temperature Chip on our Board A built in temperature sensor allows SKIIN to infer the body’s skin temperature, which can be used to add a layer of human awareness to various IoT product…

Body Fat

BIA SKIIN’s BIA sensors determine the body’s water content. This information provides useful insights into your hydration levels (total body water) and fat percentage.


Knitted Strain Gauge SKIIN’s breathing sensors monitor each breath and measure metrics such as breathing rate, deep breaths and shallow breaths. This sensor also helps with other metrics such as sleep analysis, stress analysis, and activity analysis.

Motion & Posture

Accelerometer and Gyroscope SKIIN uses a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit to determine daily steps, traveled distance, and calorie expenditure. Additionally, SKIIN applies some machine learning to identify in real-time the user’s activity type (walking, running, sitting, yoga, cycling, etc) as well as posture.

Smart Fabric

Cooling, moisture-wicking yarns keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. Ribbed, performance enhanced antimicrobial fabric prevents odor in your most sensitive areas. Micro-perforated mesh gives room for breathability and provides extra stretch where it’s needed most. Ultra-soft to the touch, our fibers have proven durability to withstand heavy wash and wear.

Science of Health & Wellbeing

We work with health and wellness specialists to identify the finest metrics for practical, result-oriented recommendations so you can become your version of a happier, healthier self with SKIIN. Our team of data scientists uses intelligent machine learning algorithms for continuous and accurate monitoring that constantly adapts to your unique lifestyle.

The Removable Pod

SKIIN’s sensors are strategically embedded within our smart fabric. But the electronics that receive your data to then transfer to your phone are in a sleek and conveniently removable pod.

  • Low energy Bluetooth
  • High-speed charge time
  • Haptic notification and sleep alarm


The future of SKIIN is a range of clothing items for the whole body. The different combinations of sensors and tools will allow for near unlimited use cases.

The SKIIN companion app is just the beginning. We’re creating a system for other developers to create exciting new experiences with this data: BodyOS. Together, we’re working towards a brighter future of a happier, healthier humanity.

About Our API

Data Security

All biometric data is anonymized, labeled under numeric user IDs and stored separately on a secure server from profiles. We never share your credentials with 3rd party apps you’ve downloaded. Using OAuth2.0, we grant 3rd party apps limited access to small subsets of your biometric data with your permission.

Product Design and Development

SKIIN is proudly designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada in a world class end-to-end textile supply chain facility. Our facility, owned and operated by our parent company, Myant Inc., boasts a state-of-the-art 3D digital fabrication and robotic knitting division, a printed electronics lab, a traditional cut and sew operation, and other significant proprietary technologies.

About the Team

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