At SKIIN, we strive to innovate on every level; from the fibres touching your body, to the way we power our garments, to the artificial intelligence we use to interpret your bio-data.


At SKIIN, we strive to innovate on every level; from the fibres touching your body, to the way we power our garments, to the artificial intelligence we use to interpret your bio-data.


Hydration + Body Fat

Similar to high-end bathroom scales, bio-impedance sensors in the waistband measures hydration and body fat percentage.


Aircraft-grade conductive yarn knit into waistband detects the depth of every breath.


Our electronics module picks up fluctuations in your skin temperature.

Motion + Steps

The built-in gyroscope and accelerometer detects even the most subtle movements, tracking all of your physical activity.

Heart Rate

Sensors that track every heart beat using medical-grade ECG.


Electrocardiogram (ECG)

These sensors, one at each hip, monitor the unique electrical impulses produced by our cardiovascular system. These impulses contain a significant amount of critical information about our health, physical state, and even mental state. SKIIN uses these sensors along with machine learning to understand and analyze metrics like heart-rate, stress levels and sleep stages.

Bio-impedance Analysis

These circular sensors allow SKIIN to determine the body’s water content. This information provides useful insights into your hydration levels (total body water) and fat percentage.

Motion Monitoring

SKIIN uses a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit to determine daily steps, traveled distance, and calorie expenditure. Additionally, SKIIN applies some machine learning to identify in real-time the user’s activity type (walking, running, sitting, yoga, cycling, etc) as well as posture.

Skin Temperature

A built in temperature sensor allows SKIIN to infer the body’s skin temperature, which can be used to add a layer of human awareness to various IoT product. ie. adjusting a Nest to the user’s body temperature. We also believe that we can eventually use the data to detect the early onset of diseases.

Breathing Sensor

SKIIN’s breathing sensors monitor each breath and measure metrics such as breathing rate, deep breaths and shallow breaths. This sensor also helps with other metrics such as sleep analysis, stress analysis, and activity analysis.



We set out to design not just the best technology-enabled underwear, but the best underwear period. Robotic knitting combined with premium organic fibres give you the most comfortable underwear yet.


Most functional fabrics available in the market are coated with technical properties that may deteriorate over time. We embed silver at the fibre level to achieve conductive zones while maintaining the feel of a regular yarn.
Conductive Yarn



Our textile engineers have designed unique knit structures with different properties. This allows our designers to customize zones in the underwear for ultimate breathability, comfort and stretch.


Machine Learning
Our team of Data-Scientists are designing intelligent machine learning algorithms for continuous and accurate monitoring of user’s quality of life.

Artificial Intelligence
Our AI algorithms constantly adapt to users’ lifestyle and evolve accordingly. This technology enables users to have a better insight into their physical and emotional state leading to a better assessment of the quantified self.


To protect your privacy, all biometric data is anonymized – it is stored according to a user’s numeric user ID, and is stored privately and securely on a separate server from your profile/identity. When a 3rd party app you’ve downloaded wishes to access your biometric data, we use a technology called OAuth 2.0. Using OAuth means you never share your login credentials (i.e. email and password) with a 3rd party app, and instead simply grant them limited access to small subset of your biometric data. As the owner of your own data, you may revoke this access at any time.

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