Why Smart Clothing?

Everyone wears clothes. The most wearable of wearables, textile is the natural choice from which we can extract data from our bodies using clothing we already use. No habit change, no extra gadgets. Just wake up and get dressed like you’ve always done and let your clothing work smarter for you.

Listen our CEO, Tony, discuss the evolution of textile and our vision for the future of smart clothing.

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Enhancing Humanity using Smart Textiles

By applying our printed and knitted technology to clothing we all already wear we can gather a complete picture of our physical and mental health, process complex data signals and deliver corresponding actions and notifications to the wearer in real time, all the time.

We’re connecting people to their bodies, their environment, and perhaps most importantly – to each other through real-time measurements of the physical state of loved ones, like children and grandparents, remotely.

Explore the Possibilities


Clothes will stimulate muscles to maintain strength in zero-gravity.


Bio-sensing seat covers in cars will solve overheating and alcohol related deaths. Technology will respond to humans, as opposed to the other way around.


Knitted exo-skeletal clothing will allow those with spinal cord injuries to walk again. Doctors will be able to apply therapies remotely.


Add a new sensation of touch using heated and shape shifting accessories.

Meet the Award Winning Team 

We’re a growing team of industry leaders in fashion design, software development, and engineering dedicated to building a future that delivers a significant and beneficial impact to humankind.

We dream large dreams, see the invisible and are relentlessly passionate about creating a continuous digital human presence that connects every human being to self, others, AI and the world around us.

SKIIN won the Best New Wearable Technology Device at IDTechEx Wearable USA Awards 2017.

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