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Close to What Matters Most

Stay connected to your body, your health and those who care about you regardless of who you are or wherever life takes you.

It is as simple as changing your clothes.

Wear the Clothing and Stay Connected.

Skiin captures your health and wellness data, which can be shared with your family, friends and healthcare providers.

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Why Wear Skiin Connected Clothing?

Our clothes create a comprehensive baseline of your health and well-being, and then provide you with information, feedback, and nudges through the Skiin Connected Life App to encourage continuous improvement.

Stay Connected

Be in the know if Dad's heart rate is elevated or if he has wandered farther from home than usual.

Be Protected

Your data is securely managed on the Myant Platform

Never Miss a Beat

Skiin provides continuous heart rate that can be shared. Coming soon - ECG** tracking, stress, and detect atrial fibrillation** (with subscription)

Your Questions Answered

Is my mom okay at home by herself? What if my father wanders too far?

Skiin clothing is designed to help you look after your loved ones - even when you are far away.

With continuous data, notifications and built-in video and messaging you can stay connected to what matters most. From Anywhere.

Have peace of mind. No matter the distance.

Life sometimes leads you away from your loved ones, but distance shouldn’t hinder your ability to care or be cared for.

Whether you’re across the ocean or simply across town, Skiin helps you stay close to what matters most

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Living Independently. Confidently.

Life doesn’t stop at 65.

Skiin empowers you to live your fullest, most independent life by keeping you connected to care in case it is ever needed.

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Taking care, together.

One member of the family should not have to do all the heavy lifting to take care of a loved one who needs care.

With Skiin, every family member can help take care of a loved one in need regardless if they live upstairs or upstate.

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Simple as 1-2-3

How it Works

It's as easy as putting your clothes on.

1. Select Your Skiin Clothing

2. Download and Connect the Skiin App

3. Go About Your Day

Heart Health

Heart rate and resting heart rate. More features with subscription coming soon


Wellness features include Activity/Posture duration, Coming soon - Steps Tracking, Calorie Expenditure, MET Minutes, Fall and Slip Detection (with subscription)

Sleep Tracking

Wellness Features Coming Soon - Sleep Duration, Phases, and Score

Wellness Diary - Coming Soon

Symptoms Tracking, Medication Tracking, Mood Tracking and Menstrual Cycle Tracking (These features are manual tracked)

Stress - Coming Soon

Wellness feature for stress tracking via HRV

Other Wellness Vitals - Coming Soon

Pulse Oximetry, and Temperature

The Clothing

Our apparel is comfortable, washable and loaded with invisible technology. Available in a variety of sizes.

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