SKIIN is the world’s first Textile Computing platform.


Smart fabrics that adapt to your personal needs.

Whether in the form of clothing, car seats, mattresses, diapers or other everyday fabric-based products, SKIIN senses and responds to your body’s feedback.

SKIIN products consolidate a number of wearable devices into familiar fabrics that surround us everyday. Connected through one common platform, users of any SKIIN product now have continuous access to their body’s data – ranging from heart rate and skin temperature to medication tracking & sleep quality.

SKIIN senses and responds with targeted therapy and/or personalized guidance as needed.

Activate better health and a better you with SKIIN

How can SKIIN deliver remote healthcare and promote wellness for you and your loved ones?
How can self-heating clothing change the way we work & play?
How can SKIIN be used to improve performance, and long term employee health?

Our Goal

We are working to close the digital divide. By making the familiar fabrics that surround us everyday smart, we’re creating technology that almost everyone already understands and knows how to use.

Smart fabrics that are comfortable and washable, yet are able to sense, measure, and deliver deep insights into our health and wellbeing enable a remote connection to health care providers and support systems that many people may not be able to access otherwise. We are working to close that gap.


The future of SKIIN includes a roadmap of solutions for our bodies and the way we interact with the world around us. One day soon we’ll even help on our adventures in space! Our ongoing research and development related to biosensors and actuators allow for nearly unlimited possibilities.

We’re creating a platform for other partners and brands to innovate in their own industries. We can help you create exciting new human-centered experiences with our platform and the human data SKIIN accesses.

Together, we are working toward a brighter future of a happier, healthier humanity.


Innovation is in our DNA, is it in yours? We’re looking for people who dream big, who are able to see the invisible, who have relentless passion and who want to build a future that delivers a significant beneficial impact to humankind.