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Take control of your health.

Monitor your heart health, sleep, and activity trends, enable continuous ECG screenings, log your symptoms, connect to your cardiologist, and reduce anxiety.

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Take control of your heart health with Skiin biosensing garments. Understand your heart health and overall wellness with daily ECG screenings, symptom logging, health patterns, and more.

Connect with your cardiologist and share your ECG and other health data to their clinical dashboard. Access robust, personalized care—even from the safety of your own home.

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I am a cardiovascular disease patient.

Before the pandemic, my cardiologist diagnosed me with CVD. I’ve made lifestyle changes to keep it under control, but I’m in between check-ups with my cardiologist.

Not having access to my doctor put me in a constant state of worry. Every event—chest pain or an ache in my left arm—made me nervous. Was I about to have a heart attack? Should my doctor know about this?

I was in a constant state of stress and anxiety.

The pandemic only made things worse. I’m one of the 4 million patients waiting to see their cardiologist on year-long waitlists, especially because I live in a rural area.

My age and diagnosis place me in a high-risk category for Covid-19; instead of peace of mind, my in-person check-ups and screenings only made me more anxious.

So my doctor prescribed continuous connection.

Then, my cardiologist prescribed Skiin sensor-enhanced garments and everything changed! With Skiin, I can measure and share my health data—even my ECG—with my doctor, all from the safety of my home.

That means between check-ups, my cardiologist can run diagnostics to know how I’m doing and how they can support me when I need them most.

Now I receive always-on, personalized care.

If I have an event, I can quickly log my symptoms to the Skiin Connected Life App. My doctor can determine if I should come in for an immediate check-up or propose other types of intervention.

And because Skiin measures my unique biology, my cardiologist and wellness team can personalize my care—improving my health outcomes.

I am empowered and in control of my health.

Skiin keeps me connected not only to my doctor, but to my loved ones. After being prescribed additional lifestyle changes, I share my health data with my husband, children, and my best friend.

I can choose to share my Activity, Sleep, Heart Health, and more, so I’m always in control. They support me when I need those extra thousand steps, or when I should go to bed so I get more deep sleep.

Narrow the Gap Between Guessing and Knowing

Wear Skiin to continuously screen and monitor your heart health & overall wellness,
log symptoms, and connect to your cardiologist for heart disease management.

ECG, Heart Rate & HRV

Manage your heart health and collect live ECG for screening & diagnostics with your cardiologist.

Steps, Posture & Location

Track activity and share with a family member to improve wellness program adherence.

Core Body Temperature

Detect changes in core body temperature when your body is working harder than it should.

Sleep & Respiration Rate

Get to know your sleep patterns and breathing rate to better manage stress and general wellness.

How Does it All Work?

The pod can be placed in any Skiin garment, so you can purchase one electronics kit and various garments
for sleep and daily activities—bringing you as close to 24 hour connection as possible.

Select a Garment Kit or Single

Choose the Skiin 'Garment Kit' that best suits your lifestyle, or a selection of 'Single Garments' and add an electronics kit.

Select an Electronic Accessory Kit

Our electronics kit is interoperable with all garments in the Skiin collection, so you will only need to purchase your electronics once.

Select your App Membership

Download the Skiin Connected Life App to view your data, log your symptoms, and set triggers for specific events.

Connect to your Cardiologist

Send triggers and symptom logs to notify your cardiologist when specific events occur and stay connected between visits.

Myant PACE Partnership

Myant Inc. and PACE Cardiology join forces to transform remote patient monitoring and elevate care for cardiac patients across Ontario.

The partnership aims to increase the speed of treatment, reduce risk during wait and recovery times, and improve adherence with personalized health programs— ultimately enabling continuous and preventative patient care.

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