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Skiin Connected Care System

Delivering health outcomes via continuous connection

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The Skiin Connected System is enabling personalized and distributed care for all members of society.

We believe that technology alone does not have the capacity to heal; it is only by harnessing the power of connectedness that we find more effective modalities for treatment, recovery, and empowerment. By wearing a Skiin connected garment, you can communicate with your loved ones and practitioners in a new way—connecting to collaborative care while achieving your health and wellness goals.

Delivering Health Outcomes via Continuous Connection

Biosensing Textiles

Textiles serve as the leading connector to the human body, offering continuous coverage throughout the day without any behaviour change. A small pod within the fabric translates the data to our app.

Health Baseline Creation

Continuous biometric signals from the pod, augmented by contextual data, establish a personalized health and wellness baseline to quickly identify deviations and view events retroactively.

Visualization & Communication

The Skiin Connected Life App visualizes the data, creating a digital representation of the self—your Aura—and unlocks a powerful communication tool to engage the care circle at any time from anywhere.

The Skiin Connected Life App

Collect and visualize continuous health and wellness data by connecting your Skiin clothing to The Skiin Connected Life App.

Chat with your care circle and share your real-time health data with the Aura overlay.

Learn your baseline to identify deviations in your health and wellness data like increases in core body temperature or elevated heart rate.

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