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Remote Diagnostics and Therapy Through Textile.

Smart Fabrics are the future of wearable technology for healthcare.

Smart Underwear

Everything you want to monitor now available from one device.

Monitor ECG, HRV, breathing patterns, stress levels, sleep quality, steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and stationary time all day and night.

Get contextual, never-before-seen insights into your health, well-being and life experiences.

(Coming Soon)

Blood Pressure Shirt

Take all the hassle out of regular blood pressure monitoring with automated blood pressure readings in the sleeve. Simply tighten the cuff and the shirt will do the rest.

(Coming Soon)

Heated Base Layers

Ultra comfortable long sleeves and leggings that automatically apply adaptive heat directly to your skin to warm your body to its optimal temperature.

Knee Brace

The first remote therapy knee brace that combines electric stimulation and heat therapy to help you deal with acute and chronic knee pain.

The Science of SKIIN

Our team of material scientists, engineers and data scientists have created a textile solution that uses sensors and actuators integrated into the very fibers and yarns of everyday garments.

This enables collection of data via advanced algorithms and machine learning to provide accurate and continuous monitoring, with adaptive guidance provided by partner cardiologists and other health specialists.

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