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Close to What Matters Most

Skiin makes clothes that help you stay connected to your body, to the people, and to the moments that matter most.

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Why Wear Skiin Connected Clothing?

Skiin garments sense and react to your body, allowing you to understand your well-being, provide comfort and care when it counts, and stay connected to what matters most.

Baseline Innerwear Collection

Find peace of mind, no matter the distance.

Regardless if you are across town or across the country, stay connected to care with our Baseline Innerwear Collection.

Discover How to Connect to Care

Thermalink Baselayer & Accessories

Thermalink Baselayer and Accessories provide pain relief*, heat therapy*, and help regulate your body temperature*.

Simply set the Skiin Connected Life App's temperature and turn your attention back to the moments that really matter.

Discover How to Connect to Comfort

Connected Care Band

Mom's Magic Tool to Stay On Top of the Family's Health

Care is always close with the Skiin Connected Care Band, a multi-use tool to track and understand whomever's wellbeing needs care in the family right now.

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Simple as 1-2-3

How it Works

It's as easy as putting your clothes on.

1. Select Your Skiin Clothing

2. Download and Connect the Skiin App

3. Go About Your Day